PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR USE OF AND ACCESS TO OUR SERVICES (DEFINED BELOW) ARE SUBJECT TO THE FOLLOWING TERMS; IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO ALL OF THE FOLLOWING, YOU MAY NOT USE OR ACCESS THE SERVICES IN ANY MANNER. These Terms of Service (the "Terms") are a legal document between you ("user", "users") and disco app ("disco", "we" "our", or "us").

Your Account Security

When you create and register your account with us, you choose a user name and password and may choose another device authentication method. You are responsible for maintaining the security of your password and device and to supervise use of your account. You must notify us immediately via the contact information provided below if you suspect any unauthorized use of or access to your account. You will not share or transfer your account or password with or to anyone. We assume that anyone using the Services or transacting through your account is you.

Free services

All users of disco application enjoy many free services that do not require any subscription, which disco provides, these services include:
  • Getting updated about multiple daily offers and discounts that suit the interests of each user. View and calculate the daily, weekly, and monthly expenses for each customer and classify each of them according to the commodity groups, their value, and quantities.
  • Comparing the daily prices of products that the customer wants to buy, knowing the location of the merchants who sell them, and evaluating the masses of customers for them and their level of service
  • Assisting in making a budget for the monthly expenses and nominating a group of solutions to contribute to the savings operations by nominating high quality products at cheaper prices

Account identification and purchase document:

Registration in the Disco application is an individual registration for a personal account related to the personal expenses of the user, if he is an individual, or for the user and his family if he supports a family, and this registration is expressed with one membership and one account, and accordingly, personal documents are accepted or from members of the same family residing in the same residence, such as a spouse or offspring, individually or collectively, and disco has the right to reject any documents related to relatives, friends, co-workers, or anyone who is not a member of the same family. Its financial equivalent and related to any violations of the terms of the Disco application.
The name of the purchase document has been known to community with different names such as; Invoice/ receipt /electronic invoice, and the document of any kind, paper or electronic, is accepted, provided that it is related to the purchase of a product or intangible goods and is not virtual.
Documents related to a group of paid services are accepted, which are considered to be the same as purchasing a product, such as gas, water, telephone and electricity bills, as well as school and university expenses services, provided that the document is stamped in the name of the issuing authority and includes the name of the student and the academic year.
Specifications for accepting a copy of the document:
The image of the document must be clear, unshaken, and of high quality, and all data in it should be clear in details, and there should be no wear or cross-out and no other comments or writings.
The document must not be photographed while it is held by the hand, and it must not be wrinkled, and it must be photographed straight and on a flat and not tilted surface.
Long purchase documents that contain many products must be photographed on more than one image, taking into account the above. It is preferable that there are no other images in the background of the document’s image, especially images that contain writing.
Rules and conditions that make a document eligible for cashback:
Documents written in Arabic or English only are accepted, and no other language is accepted.
The purchase date written in the document must not exceed thirty days prior to the date of uploading the document’s image on the application; example for illustration “If the date of uploading the document to the application is on the 7th of April, then the document will be accepted if the date of purchase written in it is on the 6th of March at the latest in the same calendar year”.
The purchase document must clearly show the following basic data: Document date, Name, and logo of the merchant selling the product or service provider Serial number of the document Description of the product or products purchased, their quantity and prices Total amount paid.
The document must indicate that the image uploaded to the application is related to a purchase and not to a sale, meaning that no document indicating the sale of a product or service from the seller is accepted.
For purchases made through electronic stores, no image taken of the purchase movement in an E-commerce basket is accepted, and the electronic document must indicate that the purchase has already been made, and only the image of the document that is sent by merchants to the e-mail of the customer or on the customer’s mobile is approved In some cases, it is written on the document that the product has been delivered to the customer, taking into account all the conditions mentioned above.
The document accepted by disco app to receive cashback is the document evidencing the purchase process itself (invoice / receipt / electronic invoice). The document evidencing the payment method alone is not accepted, regardless of this method, either by using credit cards or credit cards. debit card, prepaid card, discount cards, or instalment cards, taking into account all the aforementioned conditions.
A ceiling is determined for the maximum purchase value that is accepted and it varies according to whether the purchase movement is personal or related to work, and that ceiling also varies according to the customer description that was mentioned when registering in the application as an individual, a merchant, a professional or a company, and all those physical ceilings are determined by the company executing the application individually, and it has the right to modify any of them with notifying customers here in the terms of service.
Donations to NGOs or any other donations are not accepted.
The document of bank instalments related to personal or business loans is not accepted.
A document evidencing the withdrawal of money from banks or ATM cash machines, or a document evidencing the transfer of money through mobile companies, or the like is not acceptable.
No document shall be subject to expenses related to financial and banking transactions, such as expenses for opening accounts in banks, bank transfers, currency exchange, buying and selling shares in the Egyptian Stock Exchange or any international stock exchanges, or through any financial intermediary partnerships, as well as any expenses related to speculation in the stock exchange. Similar monetary or financial transactions.
The executing company and the owner of the application has the right to cancel or deduct all points and their financial equivalent for any document with a current and retroactive effect in the event that it discovers any means of non-conformity of the document with all or any of the above, as well as if it discovers any manipulation or fraud in the document data or in the process of copying or upload document.
The executing company and owner of the application have the right to close the client’s account and refer to it judicially in the event of exchanging the application points and obtaining their financial equivalent without right, or in the event that it is proven that the client has created an account or group of fake accounts, as well as in the event that it is violated or fraudulent Or carried out electronic piracy in any way in the points system or the terms and conditions of the application.
The conditions for accepting the document for cash back redemption are determined by the company executing the application individually, and it has the right to amend or cancel any of its terms with notifying customers of that.

Points exchange policy (cash back policy):

The percentage of cashback varies according to the nature of the customer, whether he is an end consumer, a merchant, a professional or a company; For example and for clarification; In the event that a grocery store presented a purchase document for white cheese worth 100 pounds that belongs to its commercial activity, the percentage of cashback differs from if the final consumer submitted a document stating that he had purchased the same product with the same value.
The percentage of cashback varies according to the purchase group; For example, with the assumption that the customer is a final consumer, the percentage of cashback on his purchases of foodstuffs differs from the percentage when buying clothes. An example to illustrate this; If the total purchase value written in the document is EGP 100 on food products from a supermarket, then the cashback percentage is 1%, while the cashback percentage for the same amount of EGP 100 for buying fast food is 2% and it is DP0.5% when buying clothes and it is in The case of buying 0.01% gasoline..and so on
The percentage of cash back differs from if it was a purchase related to personal purchases than if it was purchases for work
The cashback percentage is decreasing through decreasing segments within the same purchase group and an example to illustrate this
Terms and conditions for transferring points to others, donating them or exchanging them for their cash equivalent:
The user must purchase a moneybox that can be used in the application to carry out any of the redemption of points with their financial equivalent (cash back) or transfer the points to others or donate them. The Moneybox is purchased in Egyptian pounds from within the application by different payment methods according to the following:
Bronze Moneybox at 20 pounds fills up at 70 pounds
Silver Moneybox at 60 pounds is filled at 250 pounds
Golden Moneybox at 100 pounds fills up at 500 pounds
Platinum Moneybox at 150 pounds, fills up at 1000 pounds
Diamond Moneybox for 380 pounds, it fills up at 3800 pounds
Redeem the points with their cash equivalent, which is done from within the application by submitting a request for the redemption process, and the company validate it after reviewing the request by sending an electronic coupon to the customer with a code number in the value of cash back, which the customer can exchange the value of the coupon from any branch of Fawry Plus, from any dealer that has an instant machine, or from any electronic wallet.
With the submission of the aforementioned replacement request, the customer from within the application sends a clear copy of the two sides of the national ID card or the passport of the user’s name registered in the application, provided that none of these documents is expired.
The data recorded in the application must correspond to the data of the national number card or passport sent by the customer, and in case of violation of this, the process of redeeming points will be rejected
The minimum amount for redeeming points for their cash equivalent is 70 Egyptian pounds (only seventy Egyptian pounds) per transaction.
The process of redeeming points for their financial equivalent is carried out within 72 hours or three working days throughout the week, except on Fridays and Saturdays and holidays approved by the state. During official working hours, points are exchanged in Egyptian currency only.
The cash equivalent of any number of points can be transferred to others or donated to any charitable organization joint with the Disco application, provided that the transfer or donation process is not implemented until after the equivalent balance of the customer’s points exceeds 200 Egyptian pounds (only two hundred Egyptian pounds only).
Any of the points transfers or donations to others shall be carried out within 48 hours or two working days throughout the week, except on Fridays, Saturdays and holidays approved by the state and during official working hours
Any transfer of points to others or donated in cash equivalent in Egyptian currency only
The age of the subscriber must be 18 years or more
No point transfers, donations, or exchanges for cash equivalents are made unless the company confirms the validity of the documents sent by customers, as well as their conformity with the terms and conditions of the application.
The company has the right to amend any of the previous conditions, as well as the right to add other conditions, provided that this is shown and clarified within the application in the part of the terms and conditions and the privacy policy.

Referral Program Description and Terms

From time to time, and at disco’s sole discretion, we may offer bonus Points, Points, or other rewards when a new user you choose to refer becomes a user of disco (a "Referral Program"). Any such Referral Program shall be subject to the terms and conditions in of disco. When you participate in a Referral Program, we provide you a link, some pre-formatted text relating to disco. It whether is within your sole discretion, how, and to whom you send the link, and the pre-formatted text. You acknowledge that you do not share any of your friend's information with disco in connection with a Referral Program,
and Disco itself does not directly send any referrals to your friends. You agree that you will obtain all necessary permissions and consents from an individual before referring that individual to us in a Referral Program and inform the individual: (a) that we are not the sender or initiator of any messages or communications that you send to that individual relating to the Referral Program; (b) that you are not acting as our agent in sending any such messages or communications; and (c) that you may be receiving a referral bonus if the individual becomes a new user of Disco. Current or Inactive former users of the Services cannot qualify as new users for purposes of a Referral Program, and any attempt to create referrals to non-existent individuals or to multiple accounts for the same individual will be void and are in violation of these terms. We reserve the right to void or take any other action we deem appropriate with respect to referrals, including if a referral code is shared in a social media post or from a social media account that contains offensive, harassing, violent, pornographic, or otherwise inappropriate content. Disco may discontinue and/or revoke any Referral Program or incentive program in its sole discretion at any time without notice. disco reserves the right to decline to award referral bonuses, rescind bonus Points credited, or take any other action related to a Referral Program.

Our Communications with You

We send notices to the email address you maintain in your Registration Data. As part of the Services, you may receive push notifications, text messages, alerts, emails or other types of messages directly sent to you from disco). You have control over the Messages settings, and can opt in or out of these Messages through the features available for each specific means of Messaging, such as through the Services or through your devices' operating system. Some Messages are transactional in nature and you cannot unsubscribe from them. You are responsible for keeping your Registration Data current to avoid missing notices about your account or changes to our Terms or a notice regarding termination of the Program.

Linking and Third-Party Websites

The Services may contain links or connections to third-party websites or services that are not owned or controlled by Disco. When you access third-party websites or use third-party services, you accept that there are risks in doing so, and that disco is not responsible or liable for your use of such third-party websites or third-party services. We encourage you to be aware when you leave the Services and to read the terms and conditions and privacy policy of each third-party website or service that you visit or utilize. Your interactions with third-party organizations and/or individuals found on or through the Services, including payment and delivery of goods or services (for example, your purchases of goods from your local grocery store), and any other terms, conditions, warranties or representations associated with such dealings, are solely between you and such organizations and/or individuals.

Changes to these Terms

disco may make changes to or update these Terms of Service for business, legal, or other reasons. Disco reserves the right to change or modify any of the terms and conditions contained in these Terms, or any policy or guideline relating to the Services (including, without limitation, the Privacy Policy at any time and in its sole discretion, including terminating the Program which may result in expiration of any Points accumulated. From time to time you should review the Terms of Service and any changes in policies, guidelines and documents incorporated in them to understand the terms and conditions that apply to your use of the Services. The Terms are always available to you. We offer our Services only in accordance with our Terms. If you do not agree to any Terms at any time, you must immediately stop using the Services and any balance of Points in your account will expire. If you have any questions about the Terms, please contact us. Unless otherwise specified, and subject to applicable law, any changes or modifications to our Terms will be effective immediately upon posting of the revisions through the Services that are changed or modified, and your continued use of the Services after such time will constitute your acceptance of such changes or modifications.