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Easy, fun, and get rewarding. We work directly with you to bring you an entirely new way to go beyond just getting rewards. With Disco , you feel truly rewarded. Join the Disco revolution and get Rewards today.

Upload your receipt

Install the app , upload your receipts , Receipts become points, points become money.

Get Verified

once our engine verified your receipt you will be eligible to your cashback

Collect your money

Each time a digital asset is verified Watch your Cash Back grow, then get paid via Fawry cashout

How to Gain Points

Upload Your Receipts

Each time you capture a transaction receipt you will be eligible to a disco points

Refer to a Friend

Each time you refer the app to your frineds you will be eligible to disco points

Answer your survey list

Each time you feedback us with your answers , you will be eligible to disco points

Organize & Manage your budget easily

Disco app tracks and categorizes your transactions. You’ll get alerts when you’re over your budget in a particular category. All these features are free

Track & Monitor Market Prices

Disco is your one-stop price comparison site in the Middle East where you will find thousands of products from hundreds of online and offline shops, all in one place

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Know you can enjoy our 7 hero benifits easily , Just download the app and start your journey

Start Your Free Subscription

Cashback on all your Spending

Upload your receipts and enjoy cashback on all your Spending , up to 2% cashback

Price Comparison

While using Disco you can see a price comparison for more than 180K items


While uploading your receipts , Disco will help you building a budget plan without any additional hassle

Get Best Offers around you

In more than 11 Categories , you will enjoy all offers (Online and In - Store) all in one application

Redeem Points

All Points you collected can withdraw it easily from FAWRY outlets

Points Transfer

You can Transfer Points to any user , uses Disco App only by his/her phone number


You can Donate your points to more than 10 non-profit organizations like Resala , Egyptian Bank Food , Bahya , etc ..

We are offering a life time free subscription for you

Inspiration comes in many ways and you like to save everything from.


  • Cashback on all your Spending
  • Price Comparison
  • Budgeting
  • Get Best Offers around you


1 EGP/day
  • Cashback on all your Spending
  • Price Comparison
  • Budgeting
  • Get Best Offers around you
  • Redeem Points
  • Points Transfer
  • Donation
  • Paid Monthly 30 EGP
  • Paid Yearly 200 EGP