What is disco ?

Disco is an app that gives cashback, information about your expenses, and many offers that you can compare, and all you have to do is photograph your receipts and purchase invoices.

Disco uses artificial intelligence to read receipts and invoices for your purchases and collect information It helps you control your expenses, in a way that protects your personal information from human interference.

Who is disco ?

Disco is your real beneficial companion who rewards you for the things you actually buy, the food you eat from outside, and any pound you spend on anything. He will tell you where the good offers are for you and your needs, and he will make you happy to set your budget and know where you spent it?, and also It allows you to compare the prices of products in stores and on the Internet.

Just visualize the receipts or upload screenshots to your electronic receipts, you will get a cash back.

Who does disco ?

Disco is an application that distinguished and ambitious young people worked on. They worked with new technology. Their goal is to use their skills to serve users and make a positive difference in the lives of people and society.

Offers and prices

Disco collects all offers and prices from all websites on the Internet and also from all stores day by day

Artificial intelligence

By analyzing data with artificial intelligence technologies, Disco will give you a different user experience, designed for you according to the nature of your purchases

Analytics & Reports

Disco service for merchants is available to provide price comparison services and market analysis for products while maintaining the confidentiality of customer data

A word from the CEO of the company

We have made data collection one of our top priorities to help us provide a unique experience for our customers and provide us with a deeper view of the market.

Mr. Yasser Al-Bendary

Executive Director